Villages of Vanuatu


This is a non-professional, not-for-profit website created by us, Jim & Katie, to help promote the villages and accommodations of people who have become our friends.  We have traveled to many countries around the world and find the people of Vanuatu very special. A couple of years ago an international study rated them as the happiest people on Earth.  We agree.

Vanuatu is one of the most incredible countries to visit.  Outside of the two largest cities, Port Vila and Luganville the the people are living much as they have for hundreds of years. They are a very happy, friendly society.


Here is one of the few places left in the world that you can actually live in a village and learn about the culture and life style that has been passed down through generations.  The village people will welcome you and treat you as an important guest but will also let you live as they do.  There are over 100 languages (not dialects) but there are always villagers who speak English.  Many small villages welcome visitors.  They usually only have a few a year, but any money we pay is important.  While most of life necessities are free education is important to them and school, after primary, costs a lot of money. 


To meet the people, live in their villages and witness the Kastom culture, to learn about their beliefs and way of life is a special privilege that very few people of the Western world will ever get to experience.  You will be welcomed into their life. Please respect their local customs. This is an opportunity not to be missed!


We have visited and made friends with the families who run the following resorts or attractions:


Mountain Breeze

Port Resolution Yacht Club

Rocky Island Guest House

Blue Ocean Bungalows



Island Breeze Guest House

Miko Guest House

Analcauhat Primary School



Vatulo Cruising Yacht Club

Dumi Guest House and Resturant

Wali and Land Diving Tours



Banks Cultural Village


If you know other guest houses or tour operates send us the information and we will add them to this free website.



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