July 2006
   July was perfect for swimming (and cleaning Tenaya)

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July 2006

July started off great with another visit from our son, Scott, and his girlfriend Amy. The weather was perfect and we had several great sailing days and a beautiful night at anchor near Archipel Island in the Grevelingenmeer.

Scott & Amy

  Scott, Amy & K8

Eating dinner anchored near Archipel Island

Arriving in Antwerp

The last week of July we made our longest voyage so far, from Bruinisse, Holland to Antwerp Belgium - about 50 miles. The trip took 2 days, not because of the distance, but because we had to go through 3 locks and wait for 4 bridges to open. We stopped at Wemeldinge, near the entrance to the canal through Zuid-Beveland for the evening and enjoyed a huge meal of spare ribs in the town.

After the canal we followed the Schelde river for 25 miles. The tide creates a current averaging 3 knots, so you need to plan the departure to take advantage of this flow. This area is also one of the busiest ports with a lot of traffic in a narrow channel. We motored instead of sailed into Antwerp. We'd like to say it's because the wind was so light (Force 1) but honestly think we would have motored in Force 4 with all the big ships in the seemingly narrow river.

The Wall

This was a terrible place to tie up while we waited for another bridge to open, but I really wanted to do it anyway - How often does an American get a chance to tie up to a wall that was built by Napoleon!

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300 M

Katie, Jim and Tenaya have sailed 300 miles together so far.










After a couple of times through the lock Katie is not so afraid of them. At least when the other boats are the same size as Tenaya and not barges.

Classic Holland

Classic 2

One of the most interesting sights in Holland are the large number of flat bottom boats, some from the 1800s, that have been restored and are out on the water.


Life is good

Home Sweet Home. After 3 months of living on Tenaya it is still wonderful and exciting. Now, after our first real trip, we are looking forward to more new and exciting ports.


Antwerp trip


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