Part Four







August 20, 2015


AD Marina Bar

42 05'.91N : 019 05'.20E

The sea was calm and the wind light as Tenaya motored 38 miles north to Bar, Montenegro. Jim and I had checked out of Albania the evening before to get an early start and by 12:25PM we were tied to the quay in front of Customs and Police. The Port Authority was our first stop and was not easy to find. Two hours later we were finally in our berth.

Friends were meeting us soon in Split, Croatia so we moved quickly through Montenegro. That's okay, we'll be passing through again next summer and will spend more time then.


Sveti Stefan

42 15'.25N : 018 53'.6E

One stop we really wanted to make was at the tiny island of Sveti Stefan, a picturesque place packed with 15th century stone buildings connected to shore by a narrow, paved jetty. It's a fancy resort so there was no hope of being allowed to visit. We just wanted to have a look. In settled weather, a boat can anchor on either side.

The sea was flat, the air was warm, the sky was blue, and the water was clear and warm. We were quite happy anchored right smack in the middle of the bay. Each day, for weeks, we'd been either on the move, seeing places, or working on Tenaya, so it was a pleasure to do nothing but float in the water and lie on deck for a full day.

As the sun set behind the island we sat in the cockpit and toasted our good fortune. There was little wind that night, not enough to keep us pointed into it, so Tenaya rolled with the swell which reminded us of being anchored in Port Resolution, Tanna.





















42 16'.19N : 018 50'.7E

Amy, our daughter-in-law, suggested we visit Budva and Stari Grad, the old walled town of stone buildings and narrow walkways. It was only four miles from Sveti Stefan so we stopped and anchored in the large bay behind the old town, in 7 meters. We paddled the kayak to shore and left it among the umbrellas and sunbathers to wander for a few hours.

I (Katie) have a thing for 'Last Judgments', especially the parts portraying hell. I'd read the Podmaine Monastery, on the northern slope of town, has a fresco of one. Better yet, it's weird. A communist officer appears to be hiding, someone is being eaten alive by a fish, another by some sort of fowl. At the bottom, a small devil pulls a group by a line attached to their necks while another jabs a pitchfork at them. How could we pass that up?


Porto Montenegro

42 26'.15N : 018 41'.5E

We could spend an entire month in the large Bay of Kotor. It's a gorgeous location surrounded by tall mountains. Instead, we spent three rainy days doing boat projects in the luxurious marina before checking out and heading up to Croatia.


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