TransPac 52 Racing

October 2008

Part Three



October 21, 2008


We have been on Lanzarote 6 days now. Until yesterday we had not really done much. Tenaya had a good washing and we scrubbed the stainless steel to remove the rust and tarnish and make it bright and shiny again. While cleaning I am really happy we don't have a bigger boat!

Friends recommended we stay at Puerto Calero and it was a good choice. The staff are very friendly and helpful and we feel quite safe in the spotless surroundings. Tenaya is at the end of the pontoon with a finger separating us from the fairway. It is very quiet at this end of the marina, conducive to lazy days.

Puerto Calero at sunset

Looking south from the end of the mole at Puerto Calero


Gerry and Pat, with whom Jim has corresponded via e-mail and the Yahoo owners' site, came for a visit. Their HR40 is in nearby marina and they were out and about with a car. With loads of helpful information as they have sailed in the Canaries and Caribbean before, I may have bombarded them with too many questions. What nice people they are and we hope to see them again.


Although the marina is only10 years old there is a discrepency with the chart and reality. We really are in the marina, not further to the east as is shown on the chartplotter.


During our stay Puerto Calero has been busy hosting important events with some of the most famous names in racing. The Cesar Manrique Puerto Calero, the World Cup ORC 670 and the TP 52 World Championships are happening nearly simultaneously. For more information see or

Quantum, the American boat, among the other TP 52 boats


Those of us staying in the marina were asked if we would like to spend yesterday afternoon aboard a spectator boat to watch the TP 52s compete. Jim and I jumped at the chance since we don't know much about racing. The day began with coffee in the reception area. An explanation of the history of Transpac 52 racing and how it relates to America's Cup racing followed. Later one of the speakers, a Spanish racer who has competed in America's Cup and Volvo Ocean racing, joined us on the spectator boat. Over the loudspeaker he explained what was happening as the crews worked furiously. Because he was on board the captain was able to position the boat for excellent viewing but did not interfere with the race boats. While mingling and answering individual questions he mentioned that many of his friends were racing and would kill him if he allowed the spectator boat to affect their water or wind.











The racers must cross between the two start boats 250 meters apart

Four TP 52s sailing to the first mark

Rounding the first mark

Running downwind

Rounding the second mark

Off again upwind

Approacing the downwind mark

The day of racing ended with Artemis in the lead, Quantum Racing in second place and Mutua Madrilena in third. 4 more days of racing will produce this years' World Champion. We spectators were treated to tapas and then dinner at the reception area where we watched the first three teams collect their prizes for the day. Thanks to Mr. Calero, Melody, and staff for an exciting and thrilling day.

Update 10/25/08: Quantum Racing, U.S. boat helmed by Terry Hutchinson, finished first place and is the 2008 World Champion.


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