Part Two


 November 18, 2007

A visit to a past life

I received an email from the company I worked with from 2000 to 2005 saying that one of my favorite people, Nathalie, was leaving the company to return to Australia and that they were planning a surprise going away party for her in Brussels. And could I possibly come as the secret guest.

The chance to see all the people I worked with during those years was exciting and I, of course, said yes.



You know it's a great party when someone asks you why you are going home early and you get home at 3 AM.


I moved to Europe in 2000 to manage the newly acquired Eastpak business and the JanSport brand. In 2005 we added the Kipling brand. If you are interested in the history of these acquisitions see Eastpak/Kipling History.


Going away party

Nathalie and Jim at her going away party. Brussels. 15 November 2007




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