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I have worked my entire life designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling bags and packs, from backpacks used by many of the top mountaineers to daypacks for students. My wife and I are now full time sailors, currently cruising the Mediterranean. bb

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I wanted a good waterproof case for my laptop..not a large plastic case that is hard to stow, but a case that would give protection and be 100% waterproof. I also wanted a waterproof briefcase for all the important ship's papers that could also be a good mobile office on land.

We use 2 laptops on board, one large 19" for navigation and watching DVD's and a Power book. Finding a good case was impossible, most being either not really waterproof, not padded and few anywhere near the sizes we needed.

The ideal solution would be a custom made case to exactly fit each computer, that would be easy to use and be 100% waterproof.

So I teamed up with a former colleague and friend who has been in charge of the design, manufacturing and sourcing for some of the biggest apparel companies in the world and some of the most technical bags and clothing available.

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Together we formed Force 9, designing and manufacturing custom bags and apparel for use by sailors and boaters who need the finest equipment available.

Custom made products

Just send in the exact measurements of your laptop and in less than 4 weeks you will receive a custom made case. If you would like we will also add the name of your boat and home port at no cost.

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