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10 March 2006

Tenaya arrives in Holland


20 March 2006

Tenaya in Bruinisse


May 2006

Living on Tenaya for one month!


June 2006

Finally good weather in Holland


July 2006

Trip to Antwerp and we pass the 300 mile distance sailed


August 2006

Rainy weather returns and we pass the 500 mile mark


September 2006

Another trip to Antwerp and 2 visits to Zierikzee


October 2006

Our first trip on the North Sea and visits to many towns in the north of the Netherlands including sailing on the Waddenzee. We pass the 1000 mile mark


November 2006

Tenaya will spend the winter in the Netherlands while Jim & Katie return to the U. S.


December 2006

Back in the USA














"We had a pleasant time in holland. They have reduced work to a minimum there.

They seem to be simple, polite and dignified folk.

Well set up men and girls and women who laughed all the time."

James Joyce, 1927





"Planning is an unnatural process, the nicest thing about not planning

is that failure will come as a complete surprise rather than being preceded by a period of worry and doubt."

Andy DuPont (in the Hallberg-Rassy Owners Association magazine)