K8 in Holland  


October 2004

We decided to buy a boat. Katie took a kayaking trip in September for a week aboard a trawler off Vancouver Island, British Columbia and came home excited about being on the water. That was all Jim needed to start the search.


Summer 2005

Ordered Tenaya in June. Classes and courses, tying up loose ends at work for Jim, and our last summer in Belgium kept us busy.


December 2005

Visited Sweden to see Tenaya half completed. Wow, it's really happening!


December 2005 / January 2006

Moved out of our Antwerp apartment. Sold, gave away or shipped back to the U. S. most of our belongings.







Goodbye to things that bore me.

Life is waiting for me.

I see a new horizon, my life has only begun.

Beyond the blue horizon lies a rising sun.


- Reese Palley, There Be No Dragons





The quickest way to wealth is through simplicity

- Buddhist saying